Deku Guard

You cannot pass! This is the royal palace!

Dekus had leaves on their heads, red glowing eyes, and short, wide, mouths that are hollow tubes which can’t shut tight, preventing them from being able to swim without drowning.

Well, I have to make up with you guys, because I haven’t posted yesterday. So I’ll be posting more then normally today.

This is quite a complete craft! It even includes an instruction! The leaves on the top of the head are a bit trick to make, but once you get them right, they will look awesome. Also note that the feet should be glued to the sides of the leaves, at the bottom of the body. You will just have to cut out the eyes and glue them on. Do not cut out the black area around the eyes. It will not look good 😉

Have fun!

Download Deku Guard!

By Xenonray, info from Zeldapedia


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