Dead Hand

Well, this is a little late seeing as it was created a while ago… But anyway, here we have the Dead Hand from Zelda: Ocarina of Time! These guys probably scared the living heck out of any kids playing the game. The Dead Hand appears as a mini boss at the Bottom of the Well, and in the Shadow Temple. In the well, you get the Lens of Truth after beating him, and in the Shadow Temple, you get the Hover Boots.

Some notes from the designer, Xenonray:
“The arm stalk is 20cm high, the monster 14cm
Not too hard except for the fingers, and elbow joints which may be tricky to get it in the right pose.”

Download Here!

Designed by Xenonray, and picture by Xenonray. Info from Zeldapedia.

Oh, and by the way everyone, we might not have daily updates for a little while, because we’re trying to bring you guys good quality crafts, not just any Nintendo craft we happen to find. In other words, we’re going for quality, not quantity. Sorry for any inconveniences.


  1. zeldalover

    i’m with Starving Artist(cool name).i hate that thing and Bongo Bongo, but it never scard me and i was 8 or 10. the zommbis arnt scary, thay’re just anoying.

  2. Anonymous

    i watched my dad play this part when i was 5 and i was terrifyed shitless. same with bongo bongo

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