De Blob

de Blob is a platform puzzle video game for the Wii and the Nintendo DS video game consoles developed by Blue Tongue for the Wii and by Helixe for the Nintendo DS

The player starts out as a ball of clear water. They then roll the character around until it runs into one of many paint cans which consist of three basic colors; red, blue and yellow. de Blob then rolls and jumps around splashing and sliding on the city’s buildings, smearing his newfound hue, returning their color. As he does this the once-silent city gradually regains its soundtrack with each “stroke” of de Blob, with each color corresponding to a particular sound. de Blob can mix the three basic colors to obtain one of four aditional colors. If the player wants to rid themselves of their color, they can go to a pool or a hydrant. As de blob collects colors, his capacity rises to a threshold of 100, growing bigger in the process.

Download here
4 colors: Orange, Blue, Green and Black.

By ddi7i4d

Note that “de” is the dutch word for “the”. This game was officially developed by students in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


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