Darknut equipment

First there was a Darknut Sword. Now we present you: The Darknut Armor!

It’s a whooping 11 pages big! I’m not sure how big it will be when built, but I’m sure some people will be able to wear it. Note that you don’t have to print page 12. It only has some text in it.

Have fun!

Download here!

Darknut Sword:
Darknuts (タートナック, Tartnuck) are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They premiered in the first The Legend of Zelda. They resemble a large knight, equipped with heavy armor and a large sword. Darknuts are notoriously difficult to defeat, and are considered the hardest non-boss/non-miniboss enemy in the game. Darknut may be a mistranslation of “Dark Knight”.

Darknuts can have different swords, one of them being this papercraft.

Download here

By Brandon, info from Zelda Wiki


  1. emil

    the darknut in twilight princess hand thisswordand a bigone and he was not that hard iactully found him farily easy and dose he not resemble the skelton/wofl who teches link sword tequnices

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