Cutman Chibi

Cutman is a Robot Master who appeared in the very first Mega Man Game. He attacks using the Rolling Cutter on his head. He throws them like a Boomerang. He is very gullible. After beating him, you obtain his Rolling Cutter.

General Cutman comes from an Alternate Universe, where he was the original DLN-003. After he was implemented an experimental genius chip, his IQ raised to unmatched levels (towering above 200), and started to be perceived by Doctor Wily as too dangerous. During Wily’s attempt to shut the rebellious robot down, Cutman escaped, severing Wily’s arm in the process, and was never heard of until a few years later.

Download here

By Klonoa, info from Megamanteams Wiki


  1. Anonymous

    Woah! You posted my papercraft! I feel so honored.

    Though, I am kind of embarassed. Looking back on it, the craft did not turn out so well…

  2. Andrew

    Hey don’t be embarassed! It’s an awesome papercraft! I saw it in the forums and liked it so much I made it before it was even posted on the site! Keep up the good work and make us some more sweet Mega Man papercrafts! :)

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