PhotobucketHave you ever wanted to own a cucco, but can’t because you have allergies? Well now you can have your very own with the new breed of Pocket Cuccos! You won’t get goose flesh from these! They come in two different colors, blue and white.

Cuccos appear in most of the Zelda games, often in peaceful places like villages or castles. They’re completely harmless . . . unless you decide to hurt one of them. If you do that, then it’ll call its buddies to attack you, and that aint fun. However, in Twilight Princess, attacking cuccos will not cause them to attack back, but instead you get to control the cucco for a few seconds.

You want one? They’re available here!
Papercraft by Kaboom


  1. Anonymous

    It’s pretty self explanatory if you compare the pieces once you fold them to the picture…..

  2. Anonymous

    The .pdo file in there is the instructions. You have to use Pepakura Viewer to open up the model and intsructions.

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