Cubone, I choose you! Cubone, use paper!

Cubone appears to be a small brown dinosaur-like Pokémon, that constantly wears a skull (supposedly the skull of its mother) like a helmet, which masks its true face from view, a puzzlement for many trainers and researchers. It carries another bone, which it uses to attack with moves like Bone Club.

Cubone has a plump body, with strong limbs to carry its bone as a weapon around wherever it goes. A small tail is also present for balance, but it can be used for attacking.

A4 or Letter
[Edit 25/2/12: Updated the files with Paperpokes’ improved version of the template]

Model by THI, editing and picture by Cotton Eyed Joe. Info from Bulbapedia


  1. Anonymous

    Hello! Where are the instructions for assembling the cubone paper craft? My 11 year old son has just printed out the templates, but can’t find any instructions!! PLEASE HELP!! Thank you

  2. Xenon

    Hello there! As it stands, there are no instructions available for this one. However there is a PDO file supplied.

    If you download Pepakura Viewer (free & safe) from you can open this file. It’ll give you a 3D reference so you can see exactly which part goes where.

    It’s not a step by step thing though. To be honest the template is of low quality compared to recent models. Actually I just realized, an updated version can be found on the Paperpokes blog here:

    This version is improved a little bit. Err its hard to see where to start but I perhaps advise to start with the head and work downwards. The body could be closed at the end using the large flat base piece on page 7.

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