Cremia’s wagon

cremiaswagonWhew, there’ve been quite a few Zelda models to hit the web the past few days, and here’s another one!

It’s Cremia’s wagon to go with the mule I made earlier. This is the wagon Cremia uses to deliver the famed Chateau Romani to Clock Town’s Milk Bar, were it not for those hooded bandits…

But this time, Link’s here to hold them off during Cremia’s Milk Road Run…

Have fun building!

Download here!


  1. nasman1993

    I’m working on a Romani Ranch cow, so we’ll have a nice set once it’s done.

  2. AZAXD

    Awesome you decided to make it! ūüėÄ

    I’m yet to play Majora’s Mask further than getting the Ocarina (because I havn’t bothered to do so, not because I SUCK) but I’ve got the game and I’m soooooooo gonna play it ASAP!!

    Awesome work, as always.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice model!
    Must make it soon.

    Also,when are you going to announce a winner for that contest?

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