Count Bleck

Count Bleck (real name Lord Blumiere) is the main antagonist in the game Super Paper Mario. Count Bleck is responsible for bringing forth the Chaos Heart by forcedly marrying Princess Peach to Bowser, so he can use the Heart to open The Void, which will ultimately engulf all dimensions. He leads a troop of minions to help move along his plans, including Nastasia, the assistant that has powers to force people under her control, O’Chunks the strong, dim-witted follower, Mimi the shapeshifter and Dimentio the evil jester (and to a lesser degree, Mr. L, a brainwashed Luigi). In the end, however, he changes his ways and redeems himself by helping Mario save the world.~info from Super Mario wiki
Download: Here

Designer: mastermind777
photo by mastermind777


  1. Anonymous

    Wonderful papercraft! Says Count Bleck. Bleh-heh-heh-heh-heh… BLECK! Count Bleck only sees one flaw…he must have an evil smile! Otherwise, bravo! Bleh-heh-heh-heh-heh… BLECK!

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