Cooking Kirby

Photobucket Philipp starts to amaze me everytime he releases a papercraft. This time he decided to do a Kirby with a cooking pot. Smash fans will recognize this from Kirby’s final smash in Brawl. This is probably Philipps hardest model until now, so good luck building!

Red Yoshi won’t have monopoly on Brawl characters anymore :p

Download here!

By Philipp Stollenmayer


  1. Klonoa

    Uh… I’m having trouble downloading this. I’ve tried both sources, but whenver I click save, the window closes. And if I click open instead, the file downloads but then nothing happens.
    Any suggestions? I’ve downloaded files like this before without problem.

  2. Klonoa

    Hey, thanks for the advice. I didn’t really use it, but it inspired me to switch from IE7 to Firefox, which worked!

  3. Dee

    can anyone please tell me what to do with the blue lines (found on the chef’s hat part)? I’ve looked round but can’t find an explanation!

  4. Nova Alamak

    I totally screwed up this whole thing and had to throw it away. The tabs are too small and I can’t get them to stick. Does anyone know what paper size and glue type I’m supposed to be using? The pot seems like it’s physically impossible because of the little tiny slivers…

  5. Julia

    I’m making the cooking Kirby too (In half size! =O ) Soo cute >.< I am having trouble with all the handlebars. The hat, after you get the first puff, you can finish the rest like it’s nothing. Some places where they look like they’re supposed to be glued to the top base, is actually supposed to be overlapped with the long strip. (if that made any sense)

  6. Taiga

    I remember cooking Kirby back from when I was in the fifth grade! My mom bought me a Gameboy and I played that Kirby game 24/7. It had something to do with magic mirrors. Cooking Kirby was my fav 😛
    Anyways, love this craft but it’s probably too hard for me 😛 I’ll try anyways :3

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