This one was made long before I started blogposting. I still think it really should have it’s own post though.

Conker the Squirrel is a fuzzy, anthropomorphic squirrel starring in various video games. The character was created by Rare. Even though he first appeared in Diddy Kong Racing, a spinoff of the Donkey Kong series, Conker is not considered an official character in the Donkey Kong universe. The character is stated to be 21 years of age and has an affinity for alcoholic beverages.

This model might look like it’s hard, but it’s actually pretty easy to build. Thanks to the (somewhat) big size of the finished model, you shouldn’t have too much problems creating this papercraft. Because of the tail being so heavy, the craft comes with a support to make Conker stand on its own.

Have fun!

Download here

By Billybob884