Conker accessories

I don’t think we have seen this before! An extension to a different papercraft from a different creator! Killer094 decided that Billybob’s Conker could use some pimping! He made a cigar, a helmet and a machinegun to go with the Conker! Nice!

You will have to build Conker first before you can really use these papercrafts.

You can download the PDO’s and most stuff BMP files here

For Mac users, here is the missing cigar template in BMP and a lineless helmet:
Lineless Helmet

Conker by Billybob882, Accessories by Killero94


  1. Brynna

    Looks like it’s from Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

    Sucky game, considering that it takes a kids character and changes it into a foul-mouth adult.

    I probably won’t build this one just for that reason, though it does look nice.

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