Coins are a classic item in the Mario series, appearing in many titles since their debut in the Mario Bros. arcade game in 1983. They have different effects in many of the games from giving the player points, to awarding an extra life or even a Star if enough are collected.

This model is a standard yellow/gold coin from Super Mario Sunshine for the Gamecube.

Info from Mario Wiki

Download Here

Template and Picture by Gipi

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  1. Dani Somethingg

    I think I am going to make this out of fabric then add a zipper and make it a coin purse. :3

  2. Mikey

    I made the coin as part of a prop for a costume party. I made it out of gold mylar mounted to 395gsm card so that it really looks like gold.

    If I knew how I would upload a picture of it to show it off.

    As there was only a flattened line drawing to go by I recreated the vector data using live trace in adobe illustrator. That way I could use the vector data on my procut table and save time having to cut it out myself. I also unlarged the vector data so I could have a bigger coin. Mines about 25cm in diameter. I used double sided tape to stick it all together.

  3. Xenon

    That sounds very interesting, Mikey! If you take a picture and upload to somewhere like Imageshack or Photobucket, feel free to share a link to the pic here or on our forums. :)

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