Oh yeah, It’s a Clayton!

Note from the designer, Charles Bradbury:
WARNING, MAY CONTAIN MOTHER 3 SPOILERS. Well whaddya know, a Mother 3 papercraft..! Celebrating the release of the translation patch to this marvellous Japan-exclusive sequel to the hit RPG ‘Earthbound’, I bring you a Clayman papercraft. Claymen are the mindless hard-working slaves under the control of the Pigmask army. They’re made of clay and have really nothing to say besides muooooonn

Well, I kinda half-testbuilded this model, and it really looks awesome. It’s a bit fiddly, and I really suggest you don’t try to make a foldless version, like I did. It’s too hard with this model. When folding everything, it will be great to build!

Oh wait, let’s add a download link..

Download Clayman!

By Charles Bradbury


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