Chokipeta Link+recolors

It all started with one brilliant and simple craft. The Chokipeta Link You can download it here, as well as many other great recolors by various designers.

Chokipeta Link

Cute, easy and simply brilliant. Chokipeta is well known for his easy crafts, but still maintain quality looks. This was the first craft for many zelda fans out there.

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Minish Cap Link

The Minish Cap is the third Zelda game that involves the legend of the Four Sword, expanding on the story of Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures. A magical, talking cap named Ezlo can shrink Link to the size of the Picori, a thumb-sized race that live in Hyrule. The game retains some common themes of previous Zelda installments, such as the presence of Gorons, while introducing Kinstones and other new gameplay features.

Download here

By Icthus7

Zora Armor Link

A recolor from the Chokipeta Four Swords link. The recolor is based on the Zora tunic from Twilight Princess. You would have some sort of scarf on your mouth under water, so that’s why there are two versions. Link could swim underwater without the need to breathe. With the Iron Boots on, it was very easy to walk on the bottom of the lake without worrying about your breath!

Zora Links

Recolor by Aster.

Magic Armor Link

Remember the Zora Chokipeta Link? Well, Aster hasn’t been sitting still, and transformed the craft into a Magic Armor Link! This will surely look great next to the Zora, 8-bit and Dark Chokipeta Link we have seen before!

Download here

By Aster. Original model by Chokipeta.

Shadow Link and 16Bit Link:

Nick Lopez took the time to recolor the Chokipeta Four Swords Link, and turned it into a Shadow Link! Nice job Nick!

I threw in an extra papercraft: The Goron Bracelet. Nothing special, just for fun.
Anyway, Enjoy!
Shadow Link(as shown on picture)
Goron BraceletRecolor by Nick Lopez. Black Shadow Link by The Unseen

Four Swords Links

And this time it’s Link from the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures! Someone took the time to recolour the version, so now there is also a blue, red and purple version! Enjoy!

Purple LinkRecolour by Icthus7

Fierce Deity Link

Another great recolor by Nick Lopez! It’s a Fierce Deity Link! Many people think the Fierce Deity mask was stupid because of the great power you gained. But everyone has to admit: Fierce Deity Link looks Really cool! This is a recolor from the Chokipeta Four Swords link.

Fierce Deity Link

By Nick Lopez.


  1. Anonymous

    pretty cool. has anyone ever considered recoloring and adding a snout to the original chokipeta link to make it a deku link?

  2. Anonymous

    Tried to build the original, but it turned into a mess.I was like, how to attach the neck with no glueing tabs?!So I just cut up most of the neck piece and glued the head to the orange part.
    But that was when I first started, and I have more patience.

  3. linkrulessonicsux

    lol nice i copyed all 4 4swords link’s on MSW and yesterday i printed off the link like this with brown hair. ill do the rest later.

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