Sorry, everyone for the serious lack of updates here on NP!
A lot of things have happened this last couple of weeks and staff members have been busy with school and other things.

Anyway, here’s a very cute papercraft of the star of Okamiden for DS, the sequel for Okami!
Instead of Amaterasu, the protagonist is a cuter, less vicious cub named Chibiterasu. Chibiterasu is helped by a partner character, the first of whom to be revealed is Kuninushi, the child of Susano from the first game. Chibiterasu will work with other partner characters throughout the game, each of whom can also be controlled independently.

Download it(lined and lineless) HERE.

Designed by ddi7i4d


  1. Toodles

    That’s absolutely fantastic! I’m uber-hyping Okamiden, and this papercraft looks perfect. Can’t wait to build it!

  2. Anonymous

    ddi7i4d, I’m seeing a combination of Ninjatoes and Red Yoshi in your models. Keep up the great work and here’s to you getting even better :)

  3. Anonymous

    Ohmaigod…..AWESOMER THAN EVER!When does it come out?I’m a super hyper Okami and Sonic the Hedgehog fan!Ignore the Sonic part! XD*cough*We need this DS/i version!!!I mean,it’s portable,it’s smaller,and with those sick,who’d wanna stand up?I support this 100000000000000% out of 100%!Go Okami! *shot* bye bye…♪

  4. Anonymous

    @Ashli ….. Okami for the DS is:

    JP September 30, 2010

    NA: 2011
    EU: 2011

    Uber excited for this ……. :3

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