What a cheesy post this is! In the chapter “Barn Boys” you had to feed 3 pieces of cheese to the mouse “Marvin”. He then explodes, so that Jack’s wife – a metal box- get’s off his back. You can then get on top of the barn.
In the ending scene of Conker, you can still see Marvin the mouse, all stitched up, but still having a love for cheese.

So if you want to solve your mouse problems, download this papercraft and build it right away!

lined, Lineless

By Norgas


  1. Anonymous

    and you dind`t rembereded that you must threw this to THE GREAT MIGHTY POO! before THE GREAT MIGHTY POO! and conker fight…

  2. Anonymous

    i like these and it makes me hungry lol, but i would like to see perfect dark things, buts its fine if u dont want to

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