Charmeleon! Use flamethrower!

Charmeleon is a bipedal, reptilian creature similar to Charmander. It has crimson scales that are much darker than that of the bright red Charmander. Once again it has a tail with the tip burning with fire, a trait seen in many Fire-type Pokémon, especially the Charmander evolutionary line.

Another entry from the Contest! This evolved version of Charmander will surely be able to protect all your papercrafts! On a side note, you can now vote for your favouritet entry in the contest. If you have a forum acount, go and vote now!

Download Charmeleon here

By Gupu, info from Bulbapedia


  1. Hippo

    You added an extra “T” on “favourite”, and left out a “C” on “account”. 😛

    Nice job on this craft, Gupu! Looks cool.

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