Chain Chomp

Another great model by Icthus7. One of my favourite enemies in the Mario series. I don’t know why, but I really love the barking, the chain where it’s attached to and it’s rudeness. just a perfect enemy.

I also love how Baby Mario & Luigi use these in Mario Kart: Double Dash, and Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. This enemy will turn in one of your best friends 😉
Building Tips:
First complete the two black parts, THEN attach the mouth piece. It’s easy to attach when you use a toothpick :)
If you really want to make your teeth look good, add them in the mouth before you add the red mouth itself. In this way, the mouth will uncover the tabs. If you choose not to do this, you can also cut the tabs in half the width, so that the white won’t stand out so much in the red mouth.
Have fun!
By Icthus7


  1. Drummyralf

    Easy: Just cut out all the chains. You cut open one chainpiece, put in 2 other chain pieces and then glue the ‘broken’ chain together again with wastepaper. Then you cut another one broken, add it to the chain, and add another chainpiece before closing again. In this way, you only have to ‘break’ a few chainpieces.

  2. Anonymous

    befote closing the whole thing, glue the teeth on, then the inside mouth. then u can close it :) (i hope this helps)

  3. Logistics

    I love chain chomp because it made an appearance in links awakening, and it was one of the greatest weapon in legend of the seven stars.

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