Cataquack 2


Today’s post is a Cataquack from the Mario series. We have posted one of these guys a while ago but this model is a much more detailed and accurate version.
Cataquacks first appeared in Super Mario Sunshine on the GC and have been a part of Mario and Mario Kart games ever since. They’re very territorial and charge at intruders, flipping them into to air with their beaks, though in some areas this can be useful to collect out of reach items. Blue cataquacks tend not to actually harm Mario, while aggressive red ones inflict damage. In Mario Kart games they wander about the track with the same flipping attack, so avoid them at all costs unless you want to lose several places!
As the picture shows, this one will greatly benefit from the smooth building technique, where you ignore most fold lines apart from tabs and steep angles, and curve the pieces around to fit in place.

Template by Link101
Picture by Squeezycheesecake


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