Take Cover! It’s a Human Cannon! Well, if you think Mario is human, that is…

A Cannon is an item in Super Mario 64. To use the Cannon, Mario had to talk to a Bob-omb Buddy, who would activate it. The Cannon helped him get blasted off to other places.

Just an easy one-pager. You probably want to do the inside of the canon first before building the outside. Don’t put the tabs on top of the paper like in the picture, but put them underneath it, so that they won’t show.

Download here!

By Mastermind777, info from Super Mario Wiki


  1. [mr joan croft]

    Nice! ^.^
    But on a side note, how come there aren’t as many posts as usual? I used to be able to check the site everyday and see at least one new papercraft. Just curious :)

  2. Steve

    If you look inside the barrel of the cannon you can see the maker of this papercraft did a messy job and glued the tabs on the outside.

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