I’ve posted a few cube shaped crafts recently, now here’s a sphere one!
Bytan are enemies from Super Smash Bros. Brawl’s Subspace Emissary game mode. They appear as medium or large sized spheres with a big red eye and a sinister looking grin. Many different colours exist but they all behave the same, slamming into the player and spawning new Bytan at an alarming rate! Leave one alone for a few seconds and suddenly you’ll have a whole room full of enemies to deal with. The giant sized ones take more damage to defeat, but luckily seem to multiply less often.
Being a sphere, it is recommended you save the top and
bottom pieces until last, to reduce the difficulty in closing the model.

The model comes with 10 different coloured PDFs, and the PDO set as green. You can change the textures easily in Pepakura Designer by going to Settings > Texture Settings and replacing the texture with a new one. The PDFs are all lined, so if you want a lineless version then you can turn them off in Pepakura by Settings > Other Settings. This might be a good idea as a rounded craft such as this will benefit more from smooth building than the score-and-fold method.

Download Here

Template by Ignatius
Picture by Link101

This is another model released due to help from readers! We have a couple more of them ready so stay tuned!


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