Bullet Bill


It’s Pixel-Kakashi again!

This time I give you the so requested Bullet Bill!

“Bullet Bills are missile-like enemies appearing in the Mario series. They have been enemies of Mario since Super Mario Bros., when they made their debut. These enemies can be found throughout many of the classic Mario games and in newer games, where they have increasingly been items. They are shot out of Bill Blasters, and are usually under Bowser’s control. However, when the player stands on or walks so near that they touch the Bill Blaster the Bullet Bills are shooting from, the Bill Blaster will chicken out and not shoot the Bullet Bills.”

Download here

Info from Mario Wiki


And I’d like to wish my dear friend Drummyralf a happy birthday!!!


  1. Anonymous

    AWESOME bullet bill is my favorite enemy! it was hard to make but it was worth it! thanks and keep up the good job!

  2. Solomin

    Heres an idea for everyone:(actually its something that happened to me and that u can also make)
    what is it? make a banzai bill out of your bullet bill templates!its easy!
    1- just throw the arms into the garbage can(LOL)
    2- draw a mouth in paper and cut it out
    3- glue the mouth in your banzai bill!

    see? its easy!!!

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