Bub & Bob

PhotobucketNothing really fancy today, but Nintendo Related it is! I actually never heard of this game before, but I do know that it was first an arcade game, and later on it was ported to different home gaming consoles, like the Famicom/NES and later even the Gameboy. Today it’s for sale as a NES classic in Nintendo’s shopping channel for 500 Wii-points

Well, have fun building these easy Hako like things.

Bub(green) Bob(blue)

By Skeddles


  1. claustrophobomaniac

    5 wii points is like 5 cents. wouldnt it be 500 wii points? i havent actually checked, but 5 wii points just sounds drastically wrong.

  2. Drummyralf

    Yes, you’re right. When I posted this message, my browser crashed, I just ended up using the auto-saved draft, but appearently, the price was cut off a bit 😛 I should check my messages somewhat better 😛

  3. Anonymous

    These guys are from Bust-a-Move. REALLY fun game, one of those bubble shooters. It was made for SNES, too.

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