Today we bring you Broggy, from the recent game Bowser’s Inside Story, for the DS.
Broggy is a monstrous dog-like creature coming from Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story whom serves Broque as his guard dog. It seems to be made from a yellow ? Block, with four legs and large ears on each side of its body. On its rear side, Broggy has a band-aid. Broggy protects Broque’s Block store against intruders, and runs his own the Koopa Equipment shop.
Info from Mario Wiki

Model and build by Lyrin



  1. Metroidfan66

    AWESOME… but, shouldn’t it have the label: Mario? cause its not in the Mario section, and its from Mario

  2. Lyrin

    Thanks everyone!

    As for the questions, I can say what I plan/don’t plan to do:

    Blitties: yes (almost ready).
    Broque: probably not.
    Fawful: nope, sowwy.

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