Bowser Jr (and DeviantArt and Facebook groups)

Another entry to the contest was PikminDude’s Bowser Jr. papercraft.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser’s 8th and most favourite child, first seen in Super Mario Sunshine for the GC. He follows strongly after his father in both appearance and desire to cause trouble for Mario and his friends.

Designer’s Notes:
“The craft is 6 pages long, with an included Koopa Klown Car that is also 6 pages (which Sabi96 is testbuilding). It is a slightly difficult papercraft, but if you have the .pdo, it shouldn’t be a problem! I hope you like it!”

Download Here

Template and Picture by PikminDude777


In addition to help expand our community once more, we’ve created a new group for Nintendo Papercraft on DeviantArt. Membership applications are instantly approved I believe, and you can submit your own models to showcase your work to the world! Alternatively you can help the group grow by inviting friends or submitting other people’s models you like.

Finally, whilst technically not new, the Nintendo Papercraft page on Facebook is active once more after a long time of being quiet. If you don’t view the blog often, this can be a handy way of keeping track of interesting updates!

Links to these are available in the ‘Links’ section too, so no need to hunt this post down to find them again! 😉