Boomerang Flower

Today is the release date for Super Mario 3D Land (In Europe, at least!), and to celebrate we have a papercraft of one of the new power ups in the game.

Getting a Boomerang Flower will turn Mario into Boomerang Mario, similar to the enemies Boomerang Bros. With a boomerang in hand, Mario is able to attack far away enemies and reach items.

Stands at 8cm tall. You may want to put a small weight in the bottom before closing, like a coin or a watch battery. My build stands up on its own, though.

Download Here

Template and photo by Squeezycheesecake



  1. DarkSilverTheFuture

    Next time, make it bigger. The template doesn’t fit on a paper. What i saw on the image is not what i got. Dissapointing.

    1. XenonRay

      This one looks as if it has been made for A4 paper. If you need it in Letter paper size, it’s not too much trouble to scale it down slightly in your printer wizard if you print from the image files. Or even use a trial version of Pepakura Designer to open the PDO file in the download link, where you can change the paper settings in File > Print and Paper Settings and/or rearrange the pieces as you see fit.

    2. Sam

      Use Pepakura. It adjusts the size automatically. It isn’t our fault the designer uses A4 paper. It’s not a big deal. Settle down.

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