Boo Mario

When I first saw a picture of Boo Mario, I was really excited. And every time I see it now, I’m still excited. What a great idea! Turning Mario into the form of his enemies! I really hope we will see a Bee mario soon!

This is a clone from the Gotorion Boo. The creator added a mustache, Mario hat and eyebrows and voila, you have yourself a Boo Mario. The arms are a bit confusing, so here is a picture which will help you how to make those:

Note that the Right arm is the PAPERCRAFT’S right, and your right when you view it from BEHIND. In the picture I did the arms on the wrong sides. The black lines you see on the picture shouldn’t be at your papercraft, since I made all lines grey-ish.

Boo Mario template
The Boo has been slightly edited so that it’s now a onepager! Thanks Daniela!


  1. collecthemall

    hey if you draw teeth and get rid of the hat eyebrows ect. it looks like a real boo or add the tounge to make boo from mario party i did it looks so cool! btw has’nt anyone made a bullit bill by now?

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