Boo Mario v.2

Boo Mario by GP

Boo Mario by GP

The Mario contest is officially over! Make sure to stop by the forums and vote on your favorite entries on Monday.

Here’s another entry for the contest: Gipi’s Boo Mario — one of Mario’s forms that appears in Super Mario Galaxy.

Comment from the designer:

The model is easier than you may think! Even at 25 cm high (about 10 inches), most of the parts are big. Of the 12 pages, 8 are mostly white, so you’re surely not going to have any ink problem. Also, I’ve colored the tabs’ cut line in blue so you can recognize them easily. Finally, because some parts are tricky, I’ve provided a tutorial. Simply follow the steps in order and everything should be fine.

Design and picture by GP
Model ripping by Peardian

Download here


  1. Gipi

    @ Anonymous: Well, don’t hesitate, it indeed isn’t much ink, plus it’s pretty easy…

    Oh, and sorry, I forgot the credits! Model ripping by Peardian.

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