Bobblehead Cow

MOOOOOH. A Bobblehead Cow! You can find ten of these guys in Clock Town, but they don’t really have a purpose. Their heads will start to bobble more when the ground starts to shake on the third day.

This craft doesn’t really bobble, but it’s fun nonetheless. Ne sure to cut out the head from the square. Have fun!

Download here!

By Sora243


  1. Nononick

    it relies on how you connect the head, it can actually bobble.

    try using one of those springs from a pen.

  2. Anonymous

    i dont know what you guys are talking about my cow bobbles, but i also hope this doesn’t mean the moon will fall lol

  3. Anonymous

    I found the use of space on the page very inefficient, and so I converted it to a jpeg, rearranged the pieces, and scaled it up so that it is larger while still fitting on one sheet of paper. Would it be worth sending in to be posted?
    (btw, in the game, you can also make the head bobble by rolling into the wall or shelf)

  4. sora243

    please guys let of comment about how to make it bobble, and comment about the craft itself :/

  5. sushi kuine-

    I like this cow.

    We wish to express our gratitude to this author.

    However, how to cut out the head is not understood.


  6. Matt B

    Hello! ūüėÄ
    Whoever it was that made the larger, better space-management sheet, you should post it! I also found the cow a little on the small size. I’m making it for my GF for Christmas (She loves Majora’s Mask ^-^)

    -Just a fellow papercrafter

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