Bob-omb Version 2

__No__YOU_ask_her___by_Skele_kittyMost of you are already familiar with Pixel-Kakashi’s original Bob-omb model, and it is BIG!

Well, thanks to our beloved PK, we now have a smaller, more petite version of Bob-omb, plus some neat new textures that include the Buddy Bob-omb and the Navy-Blue Bob-omb.

This one stands at 16.5cm, and even comes with a shiny new accessory in the form of a fabulous new 3D wind-up key especially designed by Brandon.

You can download it here: A4 / Letter



    The key is in the Download pack. You should find:
    – 6 PDFs (bob-ombs only),
    – 2 PDOs (one bob-omb and one key) and
    – 4 alternate textures (3 for the bob-ombs and one for the key).

  2. Anonymous

    What bob-omb has a key in it? Only in a few games.

    The REAL N64 bob-omb has no key.

    And what’s the key for if it already has a fuse?!?!?!

  3. Jay2486

    Can you please make the key in pdf format as I want a key(im a Mario 64 payer) but I dont want to download paprika viewer.

  4. Xenon

    The Pepakura file has been locked by the designer, so unfortunately you won’t be able to edit the textures. The black version is in the PDFs, so you could always print that one, and reference the construction from the pink PDO.

  5. bTRAIN

    I guess you can print out the key from the pepakura file. Makes things difficult that it wasnt in PDF though! BTW- the Pepakura viewer is a small download and extremely handy if you want to see a 3D view of how everything should fuse together.

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