Blue Shell

*sigh* no words can describe for how sorry I am that I haven’t been posting much lately. Luckily, the Paperpokes team is helping me out right now by creating some super-duper awesome Nintendo crafts for you all. So stay tuned! For all you /po/ ers out there: The Samus Helmet is being built now. (MAJOR SPOILER! LOL)

Anyway, Let’s get back to Papercrafting business!

What’s that? Is that a Blue Shell? You bet ya it is!

The flying versions of these are called Winged Spiny Shells. After firing one, it flies over the course, homing on the current contestant in first place. After the shell reaches its destination, it will hover for a brief moment over its target, then smash into the ground, giving off a massive shock wave causing the target and anyone near him to bounce around out of control. Winged Spiny Shells nearly always hit, however, they do not actually aid the user unless it is a close race because one won’t gain any places because of it. Spiky Shells can aid in getting places because they will hit all players along the center of the track before it reaches its destination.

Please don’t go around throwing this recklessly, will ya?

Download here!

By ddi7i4d, info from Mario Kart wikia


  1. OWNAGE!!!

    Throwing* I always hated those damn shells, it never helps the thrower out but pisses the winner in 1st place. It pretty much punishes you for being 1st.

  2. Christina

    Very nice shell craft, i’m outrageously pumped for the release of the samus helmet, and i loved your usage of “super duper”, Drummy! 😀

  3. Anonymous

    You don’t get any decent item if you are in first place only bananas, green or red shell. Blue shells occur if you are in between First and Last place. I once had 2 blue shells in one race and person complained they were bombarded by 2 shells.
    What is most annoying is the POW block and lightning as you lose all your items.

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