Blue Falcon (2)

Remember the Blue Falcon from a while ago? Well, it’s back! This time it’s from the game F-Zero GX.

Captain Falcon races in an F-Zero machine named the Blue Falcon. This racer is one of the most well-rounded vehicles in the racing tour. The Blue Falcon’s machine number was originally 111, but in F-Zero X , the number had changed to 07 (no explanation for this was ever given). It might be of worthy note that “111” is binary for 7.

This is a higly detailed model, but luckily there’s a guide with it too. Check out these details and have fun!


Download here! (click the descargar button)

By Dil, info from F-zero wikia


  1. Drummyralf

    It’s slightly overcomplicated downloading there indeed.

    First click the Descargar button. Then at the bottom click Estoy de acuerdo. Then Bajar Archivo to download the guide and craft.

    I’ll ask the permission to host this craft on our own server for easy download

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