There are only a hand full of Animal Crossing character papercrafts out there on the internet. Therefore I was really excited when I found this model from POdragon. I had to build it first to present it with a nice picture though, so that’s why the posting was delayed quite a bit since I found it. It was also already posted on, a site really worth visiting by the way…

Anyway, the model isn’t too hard. Only the feet might give you some trouble, but probably not too much. Just attach the toes first (and cut away any part of the toes’ tab that is showing after glueing it to the foot) After attaching the toes you can close the foot.
When you have both feets finished, try to put the blathers body and head on top of it and see if it is stable. You might want to put the feet a little bit more forward or backward (whatever is needed)


By POdragon


  1. Anonymous

    why is it that none of the animal crossing models are ripped from one of the games? someone should work on that. especially since all of the neighbors of the same species and gender seem to use the same model (just different textures.)

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