Big Octo

Today’s craft is a Big Octo from Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask by the good folks over at Paperzelda.
Big Octos are several times larger than normal Octoroks, with spiky shells on their backs too. In Ocarina of Time a single one is encountered inside Lord Jabu Jabu making Link take part in a grueling battle around a spiked rotating platform. (Try playing that on an emulator with a keyboard replacing the delicate analogue control stick! D:)

They make a return appearance in Majora’s Mask (thankfully much easier to deal with!), blocking off areas of the Southern Swamp until you ram them with the tour boat, or shoot them with arrows.

Download Here

Template and Picture by Paperlegend

Hmm, a lot of Zelda crafts lately- we can only post what is available out there on the web so feel free to link to any interesting Nintendo crafts you find!


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