Big Al burger

Well, not much is known about this burger. It’s a character that appeared in Banjo Tooie.
Here’s a quote from the Big al, that is selling these burgers:

[Banjo and Kazooie meet Big Al, a burger stand vender who is sneezing on the burgers!] Big Al: Step right up, Big Al serves the finest burgers in Witchyworld!
Kazooie: Err How on Earth did you ever get a job in catering?
Big Al: Uhh I’m not sure really, I use to clean out toilets!
Banjo: Ulp I’ve suddenly lost my appitite!

This should be a peace of cake! Eh… Piece of burger!

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By Big Kev


  1. Anonymous

    That’s hilarious! Now we just need some of Salty Joe’s limp, salty fries to go with it!

  2. Anonymous

    Duh huh. Either that or some of Refreshing Matt’s Fine Cola to wash the taste down..if you call that a taste…I dont agree with people coughing on my food…

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