Beam Sword

This time I’m here to bring you… the Beam Sword, from Super Smash Bros Brawl.
The Beam Sword (ビームソード, bīmu sōdo) is a long-range clobbering item, similar in appearance to a lightsaber. Available in all three games, it can be wielded and charged for melee attacks or can be thrown. The length of Beam Sword in Melee and Brawl changes depending on the character wielding it and the intensity of the attack performed with the beam sword’s smash attack generally having the longest range of all beam sword strikes. In Melee and Brawl, it is possible for Peach to pull out a Beam Sword with her Vegetable attack, but this is incredibly rare.

Simple one pager, with only a couple parts.

Edited by Brandon, Build by Paperbuff.

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