Barrel Cannon

Due to lack of Donkey Kong crafts I bring you the Barrel Cannon! Well, this might not be the official name for it, but it’s a cannon in the shape of a barrel 😛 If you know the official name: Enlighten me!

In Donkey Kong64, he barrel cannon is used to get to places you normally can’t get. Unlike in Mario games, you can’t aim these cannons but they shoot you automatically to the right place.

This is an easy craft for beginners. I included 2 sizes. a 5 cm one, and a 10 cm one. If you’re a beginner, I recommand building the 10 cm cannon.
I’m planning to make some more Donkey Kong related crafts in the future. Stay tuned!

Download here!

By Drummyralf

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  1. Anonymous

    that must be the official name; one of the DKC levels was called barrel cannon canyon.

  2. AZAXD

    Yeah I’m pretty sure that is the correct name 😀
    AWESOME craft btw cannot wait to make it!

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