Banzai Bill

cannon-header2 nice papercrafts By Kapsh! A Banzai Bill and a Cannon! All you Mario die-hards out there will spot right away that the picture isn’t quite correct: A Banzai Bill doesn’t come out of a cannon, but rather just flies on the screen, coming from nowhere. Please note that I just merged the two pictures, so that you can see which papercrafts are posted ūüėČ

Anyway, onto the papercrafts. Download them from Kapsh blog:

Cannon (The link is dead, sorry!)
Banzai Bill (PDO only)

Take a look at his other papercrafts as well! He has quite some nice Old-Skool papercrafts on his site ^^

By Kapsh


  1. Dipidydoo

    Nathan said…
    Its actually bullet bill

    i say…
    no, it isn’t. bullet bills have arms and they don’t have a mouth. and they’re not giant and they’re less scary then Banzai bill (new aka: metal butt)

  2. ryolo

    that is a banzai bill.. but a bullet bill cannon, the banzai bill cannons did not have a large stand as it would be too difficult to maneuver over.

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