Banjo and Kazooie

PhotobucketHere is Banjo and Kazooie. Created by rare (previously rareware) Banjo and Kazooie are the lead characters in 2 of the n64’s best games (the best in my opinion) Banjo Kazooie,(release in 1998) and Banjo Tooie (released in 2000). These games were extremely fun, but also challenging, just like this papercraft: this is not one for beginners!It was created by Navi, and you can find it at her website. Have fun building!

Created by: Navi


  1. Anonymous

    That was a fun game, people like the characters and hopefully they will like the papercraft (did you forget the flaps on the piece between the lower jaw and snout in Pepakura? I sometimes discover I missed a few flaps too lol…)

    Only your website is quite slow and I have a pretty fast connection, so people who don’t might have lots of troubles… I think it is because of all the graphics, maybe since you’re maintaing your own website for your papercrafts you might want to keep that in mind if you ever decide to look into it.
    Thanks for the papercraft!

  2. Navi03

    I will look into it, thanks for letting me know. I have suspicions it might be the server I use, though. Anyway, enjoy the model!

  3. Anonymous


    oh and could you please fix the jaw area, its missing, just thought i let you know ;]

  4. Navi03

    I checked the template, and the pieces for the face all seem to be accurate. Where is it that you see a problem? Make certain that you follow the fold lines, when making the pieces, and they should form the right structures. If you still see an error in the template after trying again, please e-mail me using the contact info.

  5. Anonymous

    no im just saying, i haven’t built it yet, but looking at the pic it looks like your missing the jaw meets the nose peice, did you fix it?

  6. Navi03

    I’m afraid I really don’t know what you mean. I’ve looked at both the template, and finished pictures, and they all look natural to me. Could you possibly post a link to an image with what you have in mind? (the jaw, done right.)

  7. Anonymous

    hey its awesome but please put his cheeks in hes missing them
    look at a pic of banjo then look at your craft its missing banjo’s cheeks

  8. Anonymous

    can someone please finish his face? Its missing the part were the upper jaw is connected to the lower jaw

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