Banana Peel

Slipping on a banana peel is a universal gag it seems, and one that the Mario Kart series likes to make use of!

Banana peels are common items found in every single Mario Kart game, which the player can throw behind or infront of themselves to act as an obstacle on the track. If someone else runs over it then…well I think you all know what happens by now! Peels can be dangled behind the kart for protection from shell attacks, and can occasionally be found in bunches of three.

This model is from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! on the Gamecube. It’s a moderately detailed model, with the classic smiley face.

Download Here (New Nintendo Papercraft download)

Template and Picture by Sebastian Zych


    1. XenonRay

      Sorry, the source for this one, the Cut Score Fold & Glue blog closed down a long time ago. Unfortunately this craft is probably gone for good, unless anyone happens to have a copy on their computer.

      I’ll pull this post from the blog soon as it’s no good to be hosting dead links (of which there’s likely a few in the archive we don’t know about)

          1. Sam

            Awesome! By the way the gallery is down. And can you post my vote on the forums? 3 points: Ness, Lucas, and Mr. Saturn by Sabi96 2 points 8-bit Ness by SuperDeku 1 point SSB Ness by Paperlegend Thanks!

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