Baby Peach

Baby Peach is a fairly recent addition to the Mario series, first appearing in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time on the DS to join the other infant versions of the main characters. Since then she’s been added to the character roster of other spin-off Mario titles such as Mario Kart Wii and Mario Super Sluggers.

This model is medium-hard as it’s quite detailed for its height (~18.5cm) though most pieces are fairly big. It will likely benefit from the smooth-building method where you ignore most fold lines, except sharp angles and tab lines and gently curve pieces into place instead.

Download Here (via Sabi96 Papercraft Box)

Template by Sabi96
Build by Squeezycheesecake


  1. Logan

    Yeah, nice model, looks pretty detailed and so cute with not too much effort needed! I’ll certainly build it in a few days.

  2. Anonymous

    i need some help!!!
    when i download the file i can’t see the picture… there was only a lot of letters… what kind of programme do i need to convert the file!!!

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