Seems to be a lot of Zelda models right now. Well we can only post what’s available on the web or our forums after all :p
Aveil is the stern leader of the Gerudo Pirates in Great Bay in Majora’s Mask, who cause mayhem along the Terminian coastline from their base nestled in the northern cliffs. Always on the lookout for new loot to plunder, she becomes obsessed with the Skull Kid’s claims of treasure within the Great Bay Temple. Unlike most of the pirates, she’ll see right through your disguise if you have the Stone Mask equipped!
This model is medium difficulty with a fairly detailed face and some small or narrow parts on the legs and body. The head, hands and feet all glue on to the body by surface contact with marked tabs. This allows some manual adjustments to the pose in case she doesn’t stand straight or her hands aren’t initially in the right position. 5 pages and stands around 22.6cm depending how how the hair is glued on.

Download Here (via Hyrule Papercraft)

Template and Picture by Xenon