PhotobucketYou’ve probably seen the finished result already, but DaredevilBR had to finish some stuff first before he posted the PDO of this awesome papercraft. And now, it’s finally there! The Aryll Papercraft! Seeing the templates, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make this when you’re a beginner. Note that it doesn’t stand on its own yet. You’ll have to find something for that yourself.

Have fun!

Download the model here

Picture by Skelekitty, model by DaredevilBR


  1. Skelekitty

    Hi there, Skelekitty here!

    Here’s the latest update: she does stand up quite well by herself, now.

    But that’s after a SHITLOAD of glue on her feet, and a curing time of about 48 hours on her back.

    She turned out pretty good, didn’t she ūüėÄ

    BTW, I’m beta-testing Tetra now, (even though she’s been given public release), so if you’re planning on building her now, perhaps hold off for the final release PDF.

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