Aryll-Skull Dress

In The Wind Waker, Aryll is Link’s younger sister. She lives with him on Outset Island with their Grandma. She is a very kind, mature and thoughtful person, and one of her favorite hobbies is to hang out at Aryll’s Lookout and play with the seagulls. Her telescope is her most cherished possession, but she lends it to Link as a special gift for his birthday. Soon after, she and Link notice a giant bird known as the Helmaroc King soaring in the skies while carrying the leader of the pirates, Tetra, in its talons. The pirates’ crew successfully hit the Helmaroc King with a cannon ball, causing Tetra to fall into the nearby Fairy Woods. Aryll urges her brother to go and rescue the pirate girl, and after Link does so, the giant bird mistakes Aryll for Tetra, taking her away to the Forsaken Fortress. It becomes Link’s sworn priority to save her and banish the evil menace behind all this. After much persuasion, Tetra allows Link to come with her on the ship and travel to the Forsaken Fortress in an attempt to rescue her sister. However, Link is captured by the Helmaroc King before he can get to Aryll, launching him off into the Great Sea. You can get Aryll in her skull dress by starting a new game on a completed game file.~info from Zelda Wiki

Download: Letter, A4

Designer: touchfuzzygetdizzy
photo by touchfuzzygetdizzy


  1. Anonymous

    Please make one for that warp jar in Wind Waker, you know the one that makes the cool sound when Link jumps into it.

  2. Sean

    This papercraft was great for a semi first-timer. I did a tiny bit before from a book, but nothing kool like this :-). Just enough challenge to learn a thing or too and very well laid out to make it easy (i.e. only a little planning/thinking needed).

    WARNING: When I downloaded this pack, I found out too late that the fingers for the left hand are mislabeled both in the pdo and the pdf. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it didn’t turn out quite right!

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