Arwing 5 (SSBB)

This Arwing craft was from Ignatius’ archive of SSBB trophy templates on our forum that lacked a final picture until recently.

The Arwing is the starfighter of Fox McCloud and his team. Equipped with smart bombs, an upgradable laser cannon and the advanced G-Diffuser system, it can operate on planets and in space with incredible efficiency and in the face of overwhelming odds. Which is handy when the entire Venomian fleet is out to get you!

Comments from the testbuilder summing up points of difficulty and construction order:

“…almost every line should be scored and folded. I built from front to back, beginning with the middle, then attached the completed blue things, then the finished wings. Use of the pdo is important because many gluing tabs can be messed up fairly easily. And the most difficult part is just behind the cockpit; sharp folds on those top three pieces and two tiny ones behind them are highly recommended, as is taking one’s time.”

Download Here

Template by Ignatius
Picture by llamadragon


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