How are you doing today? Us; beside PMF who got in a fight with a squirrel, we’re doing good, thanks for asking.

Paperpokés will finally open tomorrow! So to celebrate that, here’s another new model, this time from POdragon. CottonEyedJoe did the testbuild and had this to say about it: “Not rated for high wind zones. Also likes to fall over sideways.” A lil weight here or there might do the trick.

The Pokémon contest will end December 15th, so you better work that magic if you’re still not done with your model. There’s already 29 entries, but don’t worry, there’s still time to start a new one. Don’t forget the PDFs!

Now enough diddle-daddle, here’s the model and have a nice day!

Download Arbok
(yes, it’s kobra backward…)

PS. I personally want to apologize to Paperlegend, he was working on Arbok and Furret for the contest and we posted both our versions before he could finish his. Désolé PL :(


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