Anju’s Grandmother

Promo2My first Zelda 64 model for a long time, and as usual the more obscure the better!

Anju’s Grandmother is confined to her wheelchair and spends her days in the back room of the Stock Pot Inn in Clock Town. She enjoys telling stories from Termina’s history, though they are quite long and end up putting people to sleep! At the very least this can help Link pass large amounts of time in the three day system but if he wants to stay awake he’ll need the All-Night Mask.

She seems to be losing her memory as she mistakes Link and Anju for Tortus, her deceased son and appears oblivious to the events in Termina. Although reading her diary reveals this senility is likely just a ruse to avoid eating Anju’s terrible cooking and be left alone!

As for the model, the chair and most of the body is simple and boxy.

The back of the body isn’t closed either and just slots into the
chair. But the small hands and unusually shaped head might be awkward.

Download Here (via Hyrule Papercraft)

Stands approximately 17cm tall.

Template and Picture by Xenon


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