Although Andross got quite a makeover at Lylatwars (or Star Fox 64), I still think this version looks the coolest. It’s pretty old-school and all. I am still amazed that the SNES was able to produce real 3D on the screen. Yeah, good old times, fighting against Andross. Ah well, I’ll just give you the link to the papercraft.

By Reigning King of Faggots (No, I’m not kidding)


  1. Anonymous

    Umm…This may sound abit stupid to you all expert paper crafters…but umm.. I need help with andross like instructions…colud you mabey make a help instruction page for andross?

  2. Drummyralf

    Nobody is a master from the very start, right?

    Be sure to fold the dot-striped lines like a valley (So that the line is in the bottom of the valley), and the dotted lines like a mountain (So that the dotted line is on top of the mountain).

    In this way, you will see for yourself which side should be glued where. Just explore. Not much can go wrong :)

  3. Anonymous

    can you send me a download.
    your pepakuras are SO AWSOME.
    i am a big fan of the star fox games.
    if you dont want to send me the files then dont

  4. Anonymous

    this is teriffic. it didn’t take long, but the eyes and the mouth were annoying to put in. uther than that its great!

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