Always a good thing when we can get some models designed by forum members for the site! Like the Zelda 64 games there’s now quite a big archive of characters from the two recent handheld titles.
Alfonzo is a train engineer and past soldier in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks for the DS. He helps Link in the beginning, then stays in Aboda Village where Link can see him for help with Train cars. This is a easy-medium model due to being quite blocky overall but still with some small parts. Stands about 19cm tall.
Alfonzo’s appearance is very similar to Gonzo, one of Tetra’s pirates in The Wind Waker, and given the connected timelines of WW/PH/ST is likely to be one of his descendants.

Download Here

Template and Picture by HawaiianPunch (with help from Paperlegend)